The World Starts With Me

Your Future, Dreams and Plans

Today's Lesson

We have almost come to the end of the course. You have learned a lot! Now we will be looking at how you can put some of these lessons into practice in your life. We will focus on your future, dreams and plans and discuss some methods for you to get to know your dreams and realize them.

In three steps, you are going to explore your qualities, discover what goal you will be pursuing and check who are the people around you that can help you to realize your dream.

Let's start this day as if it is the first day of your future!

Todays Program

Warming Up - I am (5 mins)
Let's focus on my positive points (30 mins)
Setting Goals (20 mins)
Me 'n my world II (30 mins)
Conclusion - Standing Ovation and homework (5 mins)
Tools, Games & Materials

Guidelines for making Me 'n My World II

You are going to add some elements to your Me 'n My World Map, which you produced in lesson 4. Add your dream of the future, then add star signs to the people who will help you achieve your dream. Then add thunder signs beside the people who might hinder you. This will complete your Me 'n My World Map.

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Look at the example for this lesson to give you an idea how to make it.

Open the Me 'n My World PowerPoint file you produced in lesson 4.


'Insert' then 'Picture', 'Autoshapes', then choose one big star and place your dream of the future in this star. Place the star in the top right-hand corner.


Add stars to the people who will help you achieve this dream. 'Insert' then 'Picture', 'Autoshapes', then choose 'star and banners', then select your preferred star.

Add thunder signs to the people who might obstruct your path. 'Insert' then 'Picture', 'Autoshapes', then choose 'basic shapes', then select the thunder sign. Don't forget to save!
Examples of this Lesson

Love shouldn't Hurt - My Opinion!




Example of the Let's focus on my positive points exercise

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