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Pregnancy: 4 Girls and 4 Boys!

Today's Lesson

Why would we want to talk about pregnancy? Because 43% of all pregnancies in Ethiopia are teenage pregnancies. This is quite a high figure, don't you think? Are you or your girlfriend going to be one of these? Or are you and your partner going to wait till the time and circumstances are right for you? So that you can fully enjoy and raise your baby in a way that feels right? What are your options when you get pregnant before you are ready?

Besides the information you need, we will ask you to think about your situation. You will read the interactive presentation, followed by a quick quiz to see whether you are ready for pregnancy. You will be exploring the issues in a role play. To finish this session, we will make personal statements with photos.

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, as long as the time and conditions are right!

Todays Program

Warming Up - Notable Names (5 mins)
Pregnancy: 4 Girls ánd 4 Boys! - Presentation (40 mins)
Role-play or (40 mins)
Slogan Art
(40 mins)
Conclusion and homework (5 mins)
Tools, Games & Materials

Role Play Stories

  • Story 1
  • Story 2
  • Story 3
  • Story 4

Story 1. Using condoms or not


  • Students learn to negotiate condom use
  • Students experience what it is like to talk about the use of condoms

Introduction to the role play and the characters
Meseret is 18 years old. She has been going out with Surra for over a year now. She is still very much in love and their relationship has grown into a steady one. They both intend to stay together.

Surra is 20 years old. For the first time, he is going out with someone who has remained attractive, interesting and fun to be with for more than a year now. He is really fond of Meseret and finds her a smart and sensitive girl.

Surra and Meseret are curious: how would it feel to have sex with someone they love so much? They have often talked about it. Meseret has never had sex before. Surra has, once. They both want it to be perfect.

Perfect for Surra means romantic, sweet, music - but no condom. Surra feels this would spoil the atmosphere. Besides, there is no reason to use condoms: he has only ever slept with one girl and she looked very healthy. Meseret feels differently. She wants them to use a condom. Surra proposes they could have sex on her 'safe days' only. Meseret knows that there are no 'safe days'. How can she convince Surra?

Role play
Meseret: 'Surra, your reasons for not wanting to use a condom are not good because…'
Surra: 'But …'

Suggestions for observers' questions

  • What do you think of the situation?
  • How did Meseret negotiate with Surra?
  • How could she improve her approach?
  • How did Surra respond?
  • What do you think of both their arguments?
  • What argument would you have used if you had been Surra or Meseret?

Story 2. Discovering that you are pregnant


  •  Students learn what a boy and a girl can do when they find out that the girl is pregnant
  •  Students can experience what it would be like to be pregnant

Introduction to the role play and the characters
Hiwot is 16 years old. She lives near her aunt.

Auntie Derartu is the sister of her mother, who died several years ago. Derartu is a strong, wise woman, who has taken care of her sister's children since she died, in addition to her own six children.

Hiwot has known for a while that Muse, a friend of her brother's, likes her. He wrote her letters. She likes him too, but she was not ready yet for having sex. Hiwot didn't dare to refuse to have sex with Muse even though she had wanted to wait until she was older. Somehow Hiwot was afraid of losing his attention because she felt proud that an older boy like Muse was interested in her. Nor did she want to spoil the relationship between Muse and her brother. Now she hasn't had a period for three months. She thinks she is pregnant and it wasn't even nice to sleep with him.

In two months' time, she will be taking her final exams. If the school management finds out she is pregnant, they won't allow her to take the exams. What should she do? Abortion is illegal and dangerous, but having a child will ruin her plans for the future. The pregnancy starts to show and she definitely needs some support. Hiwot goes to her aunt for advice.

Role play
Hiwot: 'Auntie Derartu, I feel so terrible, I think I'm pregnant. I don't know what to do. Can you help me please?'
Aunt: 'Oh Hiwot …'

Suggestions for observers' questions

  • What do you think of the situation?
  • How did Hiwot approach her aunt?
  • How could she improve her approach?
  • How did Aunt Derartu respond?
  • What do you think of the solutions the two came up with?
  • What would you do if you were in Hiwot's situation?


Story 3. A single mother wants to go back to school


  • Students learn assertiveness skills
  • Students learn to advocate their rights

Introduction to the role play and the characters
is twenty years old. She has a three-year-old son. Sidise has always had a dream of becoming a doctor. Sidise was seventeen and still in her last year of secondary school when she gave birth. She thought her future vanished at the age of seventeen, but she has never given up her dream.

The headmaster is an old, well-respected man. He believes in discipline and hard work. He feels that a single mother is a bad example to the other pupils.

The father of the baby was a boy she dated. When they were alone, he expected more than she wanted to give and he took it. Unfortunately, she was pregnant and forced to leave school, to give birth and to take care of her son. Sidise is still living with her mother, who helps her out. Up until now, Sidise has silently had her doubts about the things that happened to her, although she loves her son very much. What does she have to offer to him?

Lately, Sidise has increasingly felt the urge to try and set things right in her life, to fight for a second chance, to pick up her old dream. Sidise decided to apply for a second chance at her old school. She wrote a letter to explain her situation, express her motivation and ask for a second chance. The headmaster invites her for an interview.

Role play
Sidise: 'Thank you for the opportunity you have given me to explain my case.'
Headmaster: 'It is not as simple as you may think, young lady. How would you suggest we could give you the chance to graduate without breaking our own rules?'
Sidise: 'You know ...'

Suggestions for observers' questions

  • What do you think of the situation?
  • How did Sidise defend her case?
  • What do you think of her arguments and her proposal?
  • How did the headmaster respond?
  • What could Sidise have done or said better?
  • What solutions or arguments would you have thought of in this situation?


Story 4. Ideas about contraceptives


  • Students develop opinions about the use of contraceptives, including condoms
  • Students learn to negotiate the use of condoms and other contraceptives

Introduction to the role play and the characters
Tizita is sixteen years old. She is a hairdresser in town and has had a relationship with Tewodros for some time now.

Tewodros is nineteen years old. He works as a messenger and is very much in love with Tizita. Tizita and Tewodros feel they have a good relationship and they do have sexual intercourse.

They enjoy their sexual relationship but there's one issue. Tewodros feels that they have to use condoms to avoid pregnancy and protect themselves from STIs and HIV. Tewodros is very keen on using condoms because it protects them twice. Tizita wants them both to be tested for STIs/HIV and, if they are both fine, to use the pill. Tewodros heard that, if Tizita takes the pill, she might not be able to get pregnant later on. Now they have a dilemma.

Role play
Tizita: 'I don't want to use condoms. What happens when they get lost in my body?'
Tewodros: 'But that …'

Suggestions for observers' questions

  • What do you think of the situation?
  • What misguided ideas do both of them have?
  • What do you think of their negotiation skills?
  • What could they have done or said better?
  • What solution do you have for this situation?


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Pregnancy 4 Girls ánd 4 Boys!


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