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Sexuality and Love

Today's Lesson

Sexuality, love, sex, and intimacy: what are they or are they all the same? How are sexuality, intimacy and love connected? More importantly: it is up to you whether sex and love go together and how intimate you want to be and with whom. Maybe you have lots of questions on the subject of sexuality and love. Maybe you have not thought about it yet. There are some basic things that are valuable for you to know about this subject. Let us help you get one step ahead in your decision-making process today.

You will make your own storyboard using the digital camera and discuss with your classmates different situations that young people may find themselves in. We will talk about young people's dilemmas.

But first … what's your favourite music and why?

Todays Program

Warming up - My Music (5 mins)
Sexuality is? - Presentation (40 mins)
Story Boards
(40 mins)
Conclusion and homework
(5 mins)
Tools, Games & Materials

A story board is:
A storyboard is a story in its shortest form: in key points. A storyboard starts with a brief text explaining the initial situation. Then the key points of the story are told through pictures, drawings or photos. Each key point has a photo, speech bubbles for the characters to show what they are saying and a caption to explain what is happening in the photo.

How to make photos for a story board

  • look at the five or six key points in the story
  • decide who will play which character
  • choose a place to take the photos (think about the background image and the amount of light)

Don't choose a place that is too dark.

  • for each key point: choose the positions of the characters, the poses they will strike and the expressions on their
    faces. Think about what they will say in that key point;
  • decide as a group what will happen in key points 5 and 6 and think about what the characters will do, say and what
    their captions will be
  • each member of the group should say what they would do or say in the situation of both characters
  • rehearse the key points so you are ready when the camera comes

As you probably only have one camera or maybe two, the groups have to take turns. Make sure each group is rehearsing clearly and dealing with each key point.

Keep reminding students that they only have 15 minutes at their disposal; timing is essential. When the first group is ready to take their photos in succession, then move on to the next group. If possible, get someone to assist you in this lesson, as the timing is tight.

How to put a storyboard together in Word
It is up to you, teacher, to download all the storyboard photos to the server or computer so the students can retrieve them and start working with them in their Word doc. You will not want to waste time here, so make certain you know beforehand how you can do this.

  • open the correct storyboard template for the story you are working with, for example: 'story-boardDaniel.doc'
  • place each photo you have taken in the table in the correct sequence
  • click on each photo in turn and resize it to make the whole storyboard fit on one page. Make all photos the same size
  • resize and move the speech bubbles in key points 1 - 4 so they match the photos. The speech bubbles should come
    out of the characters' mouths
  • for steps 5 and 6, add both the texts for the speech bubbles and the captions
  • make sure that font and size are right for the text you have added: font - verdana, size 10
  • if you need extra speech bubbles, take the ones at the bottom of the page. If you do not use them, delete them
    before finishing

You have finished! Well done!

If you need additional speech bubbles, you will find them under: insert, picture, auto shapes, callouts. We have used the square one with the round edges.

If students produce texts that are too long, either reduce the font size or get the students to shorten the text.

Stories to use

  • Story 1
  • Story 2
  • Story 4
  • Story 4

Story 1: Ejigu


  • Students learn to deal with peer pressure
  • Students experience talking about sensitive topics

Introduction to the story and the characters
Ejigu is a young man of eighteen years. He dropped out of school in senior two after he lost his father to HIV/AIDS. Ejigu feels he is old enough to look after himself, so he works as a Bajaj driver in order to earn money for food and to pay the rent for his room. Sometimes Ejigu hangs out at his friend's hair saloon. Ejigu is too shy to approach girls. One day at the hair saloon, he hears the guys talking about touching oneself in sexual way. They are saying that if you do it too often you'll lose your memory or even grow hair in strange places. Ejigu tries to join in the conversation to find out more.

Ejigu and the guys hanging around at the hair salon.

Key point 1
Guy: 'It's true, if you do it too often, strange things can happen.'
Guy: 'Yes, that happened to a guy I know.'

Key point 2
Guy: 'It's ok if you have enough sex.'
Guy: 'That's why I have two girlfriends.'

Key point 3
Guy: 'Ejigu, how many girlfriends do you have?'
Ejigu: 'Eh, I don't know, maybe one.'

Key point 4
Guy: 'Did you hear that Ejigu doesn't know if he has a girlfriend?'
Guy: 'Let's grab a girl for Ejigu.'

Key point 5
You decide with your group what happens next.

Key point 6
You decide with your group what happens next.

Draw pictures or take all six photos of Ejigu and the guys' discussion. Decide in your group what happens in the last two key points. Decide what they say to each other. Think of captions for the last two key points.

Story 2: Loko and Shelema


  • Students learn that there are different ways of expressing love and being intimate
  • Students learn to negotiate with partner or lover not to have sex

Introduction to the story and the characters
Loko and Shelema have been in love for a couple of months. The more they are together, the closer they feel to each other. Shelema wants to make love with Loko. Loko does not because she is not ready for it yet and she is also a little scared. Loko told Shelema that she did not want to. Shelema used lovely words to describe his feelings of love and insistently asked Loko to agree. He said: 'As we love each other, we should sacrifice for each other.' Loko wants to convince Shelema that there are other ways of expressing love and being intimate and that she does love him with all her heart.

Loko and Shelema are going to the cinema together.

Key point 1
Shelema: 'Loko, I think we should sacrifice to each other.'
Loko: 'You know I'm not ready.'

Key point 2
Shelema: 'I have a dream; it's time for me to become a real man.'
Loko: (thinking)

Key point 3
Shelema: 'It's the only way; all my friends are doing it.'
Loko: 'Real men don't have to have sex to be a man.'

Key point 4
Shelema: 'We will still be safe.'
Loko: 'I'm not ready.'

Key point 5
You decide with your group what happens next.

Key point 6
You decide with your group what happens next.

Draw pictures or take all six photos of Loko and Shelema's discussion. Decide in your group what happens in the last two key points. Decide what they say to each other. Think of captions for the last two key points


Story 3: Buli and Meron


  • Students learn to communicate about sensitive topics
  • Students learn to start a conversation about sexual relationships

Introduction to the story and the characters
Meron is sixteen and Buli is seventeen years old. Meron and Buli have known each other for six months. When they first met, they often went to the lake in the afternoon. Recently, they have started going out at night and feel very close to each other. They often hug and kiss. One day, Buli and Meron have a row. Buli says he heard from his friends that Meron had sex with one of them.

Meron and Buli are walking down to the lake.

Key point 1
Buli: 'I thought you loved me!' (angrily)
Meron: 'What do you mean?'

Key point 2
Buli: 'It's always the same with girls: gifts, gifts, gifts.'
Meron: 'What have I done?' (begins to cry)

Key point 3
Buli: 'I've been told you're not a virgin anymore.'
Meron: 'I am, I've never had another boy.'

Key point 4
Meron: 'You know I love you, Buli.'

Key point 5
You decide with your group what happens next.

Key point 6
You decide with your group what happens next

Draw pictures or take all six photos of Meron and Buli's discussion. Decide in your group what happens in the last two key points. Decide what they say to each other. Fill in the pictures and what Meron and Buli say in the speech bubbles.

Story 4: Meti and letters


  • Students learn to take decisions on whom they want to date
  • Students learn to negotiate sex with someone else

Introduction to the story and the characters.
Meti lately receives letters from a boy named Bereket. She knows him vaguely, he is a few years older and he is handsome. In the letters he expresses his interest in her and writes sweet things. Meti is flattered and she feels proud that such a handsome guy shows interest. She discusses what to do with her friend Hawi. Hawi knows him and says he has lots of girlfriends. Meti is tempted to just meet him once. Bereket has two girlfriends and lately they have been demanding more and more gifts from him. He doesn't know what to do as he doesn't earn so much money. Bereket has been writing to Meti and asked her to meet him. He hopes she will have sex with him.

Meti and Bereket go on a date. They meet outside her school.

Key point 1
Bereket: 'Hi Meti. You look great.'
Meti: 'Thank you.'

Key point 2
Bereket: 'Tell me about yourself, do you have other boyfriends?'
Meti: 'Oh no, I'm studying far too hard.'

Key point 3
Bereket: 'Why don't we rest a moment?'
Meti: 'I would rather walk.'

Key point 4
Bereket: 'Let me kiss you.'
Meti: 'Give me a moment.'
Meti (thinking): 'Help, what should I do now?'

Key point 5
What does Meti say? How does Bereket react?

Key point 6
What do they do next?

Draw pictures or take all six photos of Meti and Bereket's date. Decide in your group what happens in the last two key points. Decide what they say to each other. Fill in the pictures and what Meti and Bereket say in the speech bubbles.


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