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Seeking for Human Entitlement !

Today's Lesson

This lesson is about human entitlements. After this lesson, you will realize that the United Nations has accorded these entitlements to you. When you know about these entitlements, you are also expected to know about your responsibilities.
Well, if you know them, you know what you are entitled to and what your responsibilities are.You know what all of us - Ethiopia and 190 other countries - are trying to achieve. In a short presentation on human entitlements, you will learn about these entitlements and responsibilities.

Then we will discuss why you think these entitlements should be implemented.After that, it is time to get cracking: together with a classmate, you are going to advocate one of the entitlements that you feel is very important. Make a poster and go tell the community about it!
In brief: know your entitlements , respect other peoples' entitlements and support entitlements in the community

Todays Program

Warming Up - The best time of my life was … (5 mins)
Seeking for Human Entitlement ! - Presentation (40 mins)
(30 mins)
Discussion, conclusion and homework
(10 mins)
Tools, Games & Materials

Guidelines for making poster

  • For Text
  • For Layout

For text
The snappier the text, the better. Keep it simple. Think in slogans.

For layout

A good poster is catchy to the eye and easy to read, has a clear and understandable message with convincing arguments and/or slogan. The posters can be made in a short time, using Word, word art, different fonts and colours. Students can also insert symbols, smileys or other kinds of signs that may be appropriate to liven up their posters. Using the guideline for downloading fonts, students can access many options for designing their posters.

Alternatively, if you have no access to a computer, you can draw a poster or cut fragments from magazines and make a collage.

If the students are more advanced or if a good Internet connection is available, images can be downloaded from the web and adapted for the posters. This may be time-consuming.



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