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Boys and Girls, Men and Women

Today's Lesson

You probably know the difference between a boy and a girl, or between a man and a woman. This is a difference we have all learned to see. But gender is not just a physical thing. The roles females and males play in society can be very different. We are not always aware of this difference. We do not question the fact that mothers are the ones to take care of the children. We do not always wonder why men usually take the most important positions in government and management.

You may have noticed that, these days, more women hold high office positions. More people ask themselves why men in general are more powerful than women. Have you ever wondered why the roles of women and men are different? Have you ever thought about the effect this may have on your future marriage or sexual relationship?

To get us started, we will present some information about the issue of gender, followed by an exercise that allows you to examine your ideas about these issues. Finally, you will be creative in a small group, express your opinions and think of an action plan. The world wants to hear from you!

Todays Program

Warming Up - Do the Walk (5 mins)
Game - Who's responsible (15 mins)
Let's talk about Gender! - Presentation, group discussion included
(30 mins)
Group Work - Gender issues or Boys and Girls are …
(35 mins)
Conclusion and homework (5 mins)
Tools, Games & Materials

Statements about boys and girls

  • Boys
  • Girls

Boys don't cry
Boys only want sex
Boys already know everything about sex
Boys are strong
Boys don't need help
Boys who don't drink alcohol are no real boys
Boys are taller than girls

Girls shouldn't know everything about sex
Girls are quiet
Girls should be passive
Girls should be ladylike
Girls shouldn't ask a boy for a date
Girls are cleaner than boys



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