The World Starts With Me

The World Starts With Me

Learning Objective

As this is the first lesson of our course, we will start with getting to know each other as well as your teacher or teachers.
You will find out what you can learn and do in the different lessons.
The main activities in this lesson are the Personality Game and making your self-portrait or a logo on the computer or on paper.

Do not worry if you are not that good at working on computers yet: this course is all about learning.
Before we start, let's take a look at the ground rules for this project.

Todays Program

Introduction, getting acquainted, course, Ground rules, expectations
(20 mins)
Personality Game
(20 mins)
Making a digital self-portrait or logo (30 mins)
Presentation, reflection books, conclusion and homework (15 mins)



Personal Logo making

personal logo created on computer

3 colors of crayon on paper

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