Welcome to the arts and craft section, here you can find different ways of making nice artworks.

we give you tips and show you how to work with cheap materials.

tip nr. 1

combine drawing and cut out and folded objects from

newspapers magazines

tip nr. 2

Hang around the photcopy machine to see if there are any misprints.

cut out the misprints and paste them together to make a poster.

Tip nr. 3

Cut out letters and numbers from old magazines - newspapers - wrappings.

Spell your words and past them on a paper.

Tip nr. 4

Create hip and stylish letters with using thick outlines:

First draw them with a pencil and fill them in later.

You have to practice a bit but soon you´ll get better.

Tip nr. 5

Use black paper to cut out froms and shapes.

Mount them on white

Just using black and white is giving a very strong message to the viewer.

(also see tip nr.13 )

Tip nr. 6

You can use needle and thread to sew your image on paper.

Fist draw your image on paper with a pencil and then follow the lines with your thread.

If you use paper make sure it´s not too thin.

Tip nr. 7

You can use hard objects to make a copy on the front.

For intstance place a coin on the table and put a piece of paper on top.

use a soft pencil to go over it. The pencil will copy the image under the paper.

Tip nr. 8

Use different kind of materials to create your image.

you can use all kinds of paper, textile etc.

Tip nr. 9

If you don´t have a lot of color pencils you can also use natural colors.

This drawing is made by using 2 colors of soft stones

Tip nr. 10

use a collage tecnique by using all sorts of images from

newspapers magazines
Tip nr. 11

ask your local signmaker shop to help you out.

they have a lot of experiences in making good visible signs and posters.

Tip nr 12.

use a woodcutting to make your image.

This is a bit more difficult, maybe you can ask your art teacher to help you.

Tip nr. 13

make good use of found objects.

this milk bag has a beautiful black plastic inside that you can use for cutting out shapes.

(also see tip nr.5)

Tip nr. 14

make good use of found objects.

this baking powder box can be used for storing your artwork.
for instance your peerbook.

You can decorate the box with some found images from magazines.

Tip nr. 15

in stead of making only flat presentations you can also opt for a more 3 dimensional presentation.


Tip nr. 16

Use waste to create more dynamic 3d presentations

This is made from a old cardbox

Tip nr. 17

little see/ through box made of and old milk carton.

cut out squares and paste a see through pieve of paper behind the cut out.

Tip nr. 18

puppet created from found stones

Tip nr. 19

Fold a square piece of paper / plastic a couple of times. Cut with your siccor shapes from the sides.

Tip nr. 20

Decorate the class

Make a string of found objects like different kinds of leaves.

Tip nr. 21

use found object.

this is a little box which was used for a lock.

now it can be a perfect folder for your peer book.
Tip nr. 22

Use watercolor paint instead of markers.

this is a lot cheaper.